Katan-Ex XP

Katan-Ex XP is a blown co-ex stretch film for extreme pallet loads was specifically developed to comply with the highest possible load security standards. This stretch film is extremely well-suited for heavy and critical loads combined with sharp edges and corners. The film does not tear and your load remains well-packaged and free of damage. Thanks to the film’s excellent slip properties, loads do not stick together. This is important when unloading goods because the stretch film remains undamaged and goods can be unloaded safely and without damage.

If you are looking for a stretch film with an extremely high holding force, Katan-Ex XP is the perfect solution!


Stretch film for extreme pallet loads
Excellent tear resistance
Excellent slip properties
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Katan-Ex XP was developed to comply with the highest stretch film and load security demands and extreme pallet loads. This blown co-ex stretch film has superior properties for securing heavy loads and loads with sharp edges and corners. In addition, this stretch film has excellent slip properties that prevent loads from sticking together, which could result in film breaks.


  • Suitable for the most critical pallet loads
  • Excellent tear resistance
  • Extremely high holding force
  • Perfect roll condition
  • 260% to 375% stretch (depending on the film’s thickness)
  • Inside cling
  • Suitable for use at changing temperatures
  • Width 500 mm
  • Thickness 8, 10, 15, 17, 20, 23 Micron

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Bert Kemkes, Sales Manager