Resinex 721

Resinex-721 is the multi purpose stretch film and an ideal replacement for standard stretch film. This stretch film is  perfectly suited for situations involving the use of machines with manual brake systems. These rolls of stretch film contain twice as much film as regular rolls, which enables you to save costs, warehouse space and time. In addition, this stretch film has excellent point-resistance. This makes it very well-suited for lighter loads with sharp corners and edges. The film does not break during wrapping, resulting in a problem-free wrapping process. The film’s slip properties prevent loads from sticking together, which could result in potential film breaks and damage when unloading.


The ideal replacement for standard stretch films
Excellent point-resistance
Good slip properties
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Resinex-721 is a high performance stretch film with excellent point-resistance. The result is a problem-free wrapping process, even for products with sharp edges and corners. This stretch film is the ideal replacement for standard films. The double quantity of film per roll enables you to save time, warehouse space and costs. In addition, with this product stretch film consumption is minimal. An efficient and sustainable alternative.



  • Stretch film for a wide range of different loads and machines
  • Particularly well-suited for lighter loads
  • High point-resistance
  • Perfect roll condition



  • Film thickness 10 and 12 microns
  • Width 500 mm
  • 60% stretch
  • Inside cling
  • Reduced film roll replacement
  • Low unrolling noise

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The Resinex range provides solutions for a wide range of purposes and types of machinery. Therefore you will always find the fitting solution for you specific need. We can help you when you need to choose a stretch film. Are you interested in a free advice? Contact us now!



Raymond Eberson, Sales Manager