NovimeX 820

Together with natural fibres such as flax and hemp, the NovimeX 310 forms a strong and lightweight composite that can be formed in any desired geometry using compression moulding. The PP film gives you extra freedom in the applicability of such NFPP materials. The multilayer Novimex 310 film adheres to the fibres and provides the connection with other materials.

Up to 45% less weight
Unique look for the interior
Wide range of colour, gloss and texture
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The use of sustainable natural fibres such as flax and hemp in cars has increased enormously in recent years. With Trioworld’s unique film solutions, you can now also use these fibers in visible interior parts. The Trioworld film provides the required protection against scratches, sunlight and liquids (such as the required cleaning agents and sunscreen) of the interior parts.

The film and fibres together form a strong and lightweight composite that you get in almost any desired form by means of compression-moulding. The film provides a surprising and stylish appearance plus protection for your car interior.

  • Up to 45% less weight
  • Visible and tactile unique look for the interior
  • Great design freedom: shape, colour and texture
  • Use of sustainable renewable raw materials
  • Low integral costs


  • Suitable for Compression Moulding
  • Protects against UV light, scratches, cleaning agents and greases.
  • Wide range of colour, gloss and texture
  • Superior flatness and narrow thickness tolerance
  • Thicknesses between 150 and 250my


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