Recycled stretch film

Resinex 533 is the new eco-friendly stretch film which contains 30% recycled content. By using recycled content the ecological footprint is reduced and the material loop is closed. In addition, this stretch film helps to contribute to the sustainable goals of your company. The Resinex 533 is suitable for a wide range of pallet loads and wrapping machines. This stretch film is 100% recyclable.


30% recycled content
Sustainable solution
100% recyclable
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Resinex 533 is the newest stretch film innovation from Trioworld. This multi layer stretch film contains 30% recycled material. This stretch film is suitable for semi-automatic and full-automatic wrapping machines. Your packaging process will be smooth, without interruptions. This film is also suitable for various pallet loads.





  • Film with at least 225% stretch capacity
  • Containing 30% recycled material
  • Reduces the CO2 footprint
  • 100% recyclable



  • Cling inside film with a slippery non-cling side
  • Low unwind force
  • Low unwind noise (<80dB)
  • Film thickness 20, 23 mu
  • Film width 500mm

Would you like to try this stretch film?

Would you like to know how this stretch film can contribute to your sustainability goals? Through a Quick Scan we will identify which stretch film would suit your type of load, wrapping equipment and process best. This way we ensure optimal pallet stability against the lowest Total Cost of Ownership in the most sustainable manner. In our portfolio of sustainable solutions we also offer a Biobased stretch film.


Ken van Nieuwerburgh, Senior Key Account Manager