Resinex 228

Resinex 228 is the most effective polypropylene film for high speed Individual Wrapped cheese Slices on a GBM or Bosch/Sapal.

Suitable for GBM and Bosch/Sapal machines
Less wear and tear on machines
High speed stacking
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Developed with and tuned for the GBM and Bosch/Sapal machines Resinex 228 offers high efficiency and performance. Special treatment of the film offers easy stacking at high speed and less wear of the forming shoulders and cutting knives. A superior release system assures easy opening for the consumer making Resinex 228 the best solution for you. The film can be printed in register, adding value to your product.

All the IWS films are FDA approved and are manufactured in a ISO/BRC environment matching the highest industry standards. With decades of experience and Rotterdam International Harbour close by, Trioworld can ship worldwide, accurate and with a short lead time.

  • High speed
  • Low wear on machine tooling
  • Superior stacking performance
  • Lowest TCO (Total Cost of Ownership)


  • 23 – 35 my
  • Consistent COF
  • Printable
  • Perfect release


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Food packaging is a delicate process. Therefore Trioworld is always looking for the right balance between efficiency and integrity. As film professionals who know all the links in the chain, we develop the perfect solution for your package and related processes. This way we help you by reducing the amount of waste and offer you your product the best possible protection.

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