Resinex 426

Resinex 426 is a High Performance white opaque PE film for VFFS processes in particular. With a metallocene PE sealing side, the film gives a good sealing initiative and hot-tack. The film is extremely cold-resistant and therefore ideally suited for deep-frozen products.

High puncture resistance
Extremely cold resistant
Ideally suited for frozen food
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The high-quality composition enables thickness reduction and thus material savings. It also provides sufficient body and stiffness in case of thickness reduction. The high puncture resistance considerably reduces the chance of piercing, as a result of which you will see a decrease in the failure rate and the number of consumer complaints.

Besides Resinex 426, Trioworld also has a transparent film in the program Resinex 425 and a blue tinted film Resinex 427 for HACCP applications.

Resinex 426 meets all food safety requirements; Trioworld is both BRC and ISO certified. This film has facilitated many process improvements in the food industry, contributing to improved efficiency and savings.

  • High processing speed
  • Improved seal integrity
  • Thickness reduction and material saving
  • Reduction of piercers
  • Lowest TCO (Total Cost of Ownership)


  • Extremely cold resistant
  • Glossy, white opaque
  • High impact resistance
  • Available in a wide thickness-range


How can I help you?

Food packaging is a delicate process. Therefore Trioworld is always looking for the right balance between efficiency and integrity. As film professionals who know all the links in the chain, we develop the perfect solution for your package and related processes. This way we help you by reducing the amount of waste and offer you your product the best possible protection.

Are you curious about our innovative food packaging film? Trioworld’s food packaging film experts are happy to report on their expertise and developments in the field of flexible packaging.

Peter Steenvoorden, Account Manager Food Packaging Film