Resinex 583

The Resinex 583 stretch film has been specially developed for situations where products have to be stored in cold conditions such as a cold store. Even then, this stretch film continues to protect and stabilise your load optimally. Also during transport to the final destination. The increased adhesive strength of this stretch film ensures that your pallets remain perfectly packaged under all circumstances.

For storage in cold conditions
Stability in all situations
Minimum film consumption
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Resinex 583 is the high performance industrial stretch film for use under extreme conditions. Temperature, dust or humidity may affect the properties of your stretch film. Resinex 583 is developed for processing under these extreme conditions. The increased adhesive strength ensures that your pallets remain perfectly wrapped under all conditions.

A matching Topsheet can also be ordered with this film.




  • Superior product performance
  • Film with >300% stretch ability
  • Optimal load containment for excellent pallet stability
  • Extreme high puncture resistance
  • Short delivery times
  • Perfect roll condition


  • Film thickness 17, 20, 23 and 30 micron
  • Width 500 mm
  • Good role condition and therefore trouble-free handling
  • Cling inside, with a super slippery non-cling side
  • Low unwinding forces



How can I help you?

The Resinex range offers solutions for a wide range of applications and types of winding machines. As a result, you will always find a suitable solution for your specific application. We will be happy to help you choose the right stretch film. Are you interested in a free advice? Please contact us.

Raymond Eberson, Sales Manager