Resinex 587 (UV stable)

Sunlight can affect the quality of your products. Resinex 587 (UV stable) ensures that your pallet loads remain safe and protected, even if they are stored outside for a longer period of time. The Resinex 587 offers optimal protection for your load, during transport and storage.


Outdoor storage of your product
Maintaining quality
Safe and protected packaging
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Resinex 587 is the high performance UV stabilized industrial stretch film. Especially designed for use under extreme conditions. Temperature, dust or humidity may affect the properties of your stretch film. Resinex 587 is developed for processing under these extreme conditions. UV stabilization prevents the film from degradation by UV radiation.

A matching Topsheet is also available.


  • Superior product performance
  • Film with 300% stretch ability
  • Increased adhesive strength ensures perfectly wrapped pallets
  • Suitable for 12 months at 80-100KLY
  • Extreme high puncture resistance
  • Applicable on machines with power pre-stretch brake systems

Resinex 587 (UV stable)

  • Film thickness 23 micron
  • Width 500, 750 and 1000 mm
  • Cling inside film with a super slippery non-cling side
  • Low unwind force
  • Low unwind noise (<80dB)
  • Perfect roll condition

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With the use of our High Performance UV stretch films, we have achieved the necessary savings for various customers. Would you like to know more about how we can make improvements and savings within your process? Please contact us today. I would be happy to visit you to discuss the possibilities.

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