Resinex 781

Resinex 781

Resinex 781 is a high-quality stretch film for heavy and complex loads. This stretch film has excellent perforation and tear-resistance, which guarantees a problem-free wrapping process. As such this stretch film is well-suited for loads with sharp corners and edges. The film’s excellent slip properties prevent the loads from sticking together, which could cause the film to tear and damage the loads. In addition, this stretch film is well-suited for highly demanding, heavy and overhanging loads.

For complex loads
Excellent perforation and tear-resistance
Excellent holding force
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Resinex 781 stretch film is particularly well-suited for complex and highly demanding loads. The high point and tear-resistance make this film well-suited for loads with protruding corners. The result is a problem-free wrapping process. The stretch film’s slip properties offer additional benefits. The foil remains intact, even when pallets are stacked against each other.


  • Optimal protection of heavy and complex loads
  • Excellent point-resistance
  • Excellent slip properties
  • Extremely high holding force
  • Well-suited for loads with sharp corners and edges.


  • 260% to 375% stretch (depending on the film’s thickness)
  • Inside cling
  • Perfect roll condition
  • Low unrolling noise
  • Thickness 10, 12 micron
  • Width 500 mm

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