AFP Quick Scan

  • Is your wrapping process not smooth enough?
  • Are your pallets not completely stable?
  • Do you suffer from film breakage or damage to your load?
  • Or do you simply want to know whether you can save on the use of stretch film?


Then you have come to the right place. By means of the AFP Quick Scan, we can map out your wrapping process, give advice on points for improvement and solutions, and make you a savings proposal.


A flawless wrapping process

1 break costs
15 euro

on average

Of all products shipped on pallets

are damaged

Companies on average use

more stretch film than necessary

What does the AFP Quick Scan mean for you?





Our Account Manager will visit you to asses your situation; what is the performance of your current wrapping process, how stable are your pallets, what type of loads are you transporting, what kind of stretch film are you currently using.

Also the situation on the production floor is mapped out:

  • Your wrapping machines and the way they are set up
  • Measuring the pallet stability
  • Experiences of your operators at the wrapping machine

This data is processed in a report, including an improvement and savings advice that is shared with you.
Do you want to take the next step towards a smooth process and stable pallets?

Our Technical Specialists will then come into the picture. They have in depth knowledge of wrapping machines, stretch films and optimising wrapping processes. A complete audit is carried out and an optimally functioning wrapping process is ensured with stable and safe pallets as the end result.

Request your Free Quick Scan now!

I would be happy to visit you to map out your process and see where improvements and savings can be made.


Bert Kemkes, Senior Account Manager