Recycled stretchfilm

Resinex 533 is the next generation stretch film containing 30% recycled material. By using recycled material, the ecological footprint is reduced and the material loop is closed. This new recycled stretch film is suitable for a wide range of pallet loads and wrapping machines.

Trioworld truly believes in sustainable developments. For example, we work every day to make our own processes more sustainable and we develop products that reduce our ecological footprint and help our customers to achieve their sustainable goals.



Resinex 533

Recycled stretch film

We see that recycled stretch film is becoming more important for our customers. Therefore the development of a High Performance Recycle stretch film is our dot on the sustainable horizon. The first step is the new Resinex 533, our Eco-Friendly stretch film!

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Trioworld has more than 50 years of experience with pallet stability and is the forerunner when it comes to innovation. Our dedicated employees analyse and optimise your wrapping process so that pallet stability is improved at the lowest Total Cost of Ownership.

Besides this recycled stretch film we also have a biobased stretch film in our product range. Through our Quick Scan we identify which stretch film would suit your loads and process best. In this way we ensure optimal pallet stability against the lowest Total Cost of Ownership in the most sustainable manner.


Bert Kemkes, Senior Account Manager

Interview with Hans Wels

Recycled stretch film

When you talk about stretch film, you’re talking about plastic which soon turns into a discussion about the developments. Many people consider plastic to be bad for the environment. But there’s another, more nuanced side to the argument, according to Hans Wels, commercial manager at Trioworld. Sometimes you need it because the impact on the environment would otherwise be much greater.

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Interview from Chris Bruijnes from KIDV

Knowledge about sustainable packaging

In The Netherlands we recycle more and more. Well done, you would say, but it can still be improved. Because not everything can be recycled already.


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