The smart, thin stretch film

Katan-Ex ST, the new smart, thin, High Performance Stretch film from Trioworld has a very high tear-off resistance. Therefore this film does not break during wrapping. Your packaging process runs smoothly and even loads with sharp corners are safely wrapped and protected. In addition, the smart, thin stretch film has a very high stretch percentage. This means that not only less stretch film is needed, but also that your load will not be compressed and therefore not damaged.

That makes this stretch film very suitable for pressure-sensitive loads and loads with sharp corners and edges.

Why choose this stretch film?

Pallets with protruding corners or sharp edges are often a problem when it comes to stretch film. During winding, the film breaks due to the sharp edges. This means downtime in your packaging process and machine operator time. But also during transport we often see damage caused by sharp edges and corners. By moving the pallet during transport, the stretch film tears with all possible risks.
This new stretch film has a very high stretch percentage. This means that loads such as toilet paper or boxes with salty snacks are not pressed, and at the same time are stabilised on the pallet. This means stable pallets, without damaging the load.

Highly flexible film

No pressure on sensitive loads

High Tear Resistance

A smooth running wrapping process

High Tear Resistance

Sharp corners safely packed

High Stretch percentage

Light loads safely packed


Trioworld has been developing innovative stretch films for more than 50 years. We translate our customers needs to the most suitable stretch film solution. Our products are extensively tested using various methods, so that we can be sure that the product meets our quality requirements.

Would you like to learn more about our way of working?

Would you like to test this stretch film?

Our Account Manager will visit you to asses your situation; what is the performance of your current wrapping process, how stable are your pallets, what type of loads are you transporting, what kind of stretch film are you currently using.

Also the situation on the production floor is mapped out:

  • Your wrapping machines and the way they are set up
  • Measuring the pallet stability
  • Experiences of your operators at the wrapping machine

This data is processed in a report, including an improvement and savings advice that is shared with you.
Do you want to take the next step towards a smooth process and stable pallets?
Our Technical Specialists will then come into the picture. They have in depth knowledge of wrapping machines, stretch films and optimising wrapping processes. A complete audit is carried out and an optimally functioning wrapping process is ensured with stable and safe pallets as the end result.

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    Bert Kemkes, Senior Account Manager