Stretch Hood Products

As a member of the Trioplast Group, Trioworld now has access to an even wider range of Load Security products, enabling us to provide you with an even better service. One of those products is Stretch Hood. Stretch Hood is a packaging method for pallets that offers various advantages compared with alternative methods. These include the speed of packaging, waterproof outdoor storage and the option to print the film with your brand logo. In each case, your specific situation and type of product is considered. The film is adapted so that you are assured of the right product for your type of load.

Stretch Hood is often recommended for heavier loads such as pallets with potting soil, chemicals or other bagged goods.
As well as for separately packaged products like kitchen appliances.

Advantages of Stretch Hood
High quality packaging with minimum downtime during the packaging process
Superior stability of the load
Speed of packaging (up to 160 units per hour)
Effective protection against the elements and dust. It is even possible to protect your products from fading using a UV filter.
High transparency allowing the brand and product positioning to be seen
Option to print the film

Stretch Hood is very customer specific, so we discuss with you in detail which solution will give you the best result.

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