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Certainty about Pallet Stability - Pallet Stability Test Centre
We like to really shake things up in Trioworld’s Pallet Stability Test Centre.
The goal is to create safe and stable pallets for our customers in such a way that damaged loads, accidents and extra costs are a thing of the past. Last year, Trioworld combined forces with Trioplast. That means we are now able to test the pallet stability of your pallet loads in-house, in a new ultramodern pallet stability test centre in Sweden.


Proven load stability

Unstable pallets are an accident waiting to happen. Safety is everything. Right now, 25 percent of all road accidents involving trucks are caused by poorly secured cargo and unstable loads. Our aim is to bring that number down. Because when the Cargo Transit Unit (CTU) is safe, the drivers are safe and, in the end, everyone on the road is safe.

Damages and accidents can harm the environment, and require repackaging of products as well as pallets. Pallet stability therefore goes hand-in-hand with sustainability – and costs. Key factor involved in achieving pallet stability are is the primary or and secondary packaging of the products, the packing order and the Load Security Film used to secure the products on the pallet. Creating pallet stability means investing in stretch film: only the right stretch film with optimized machine settings will keep your pallets stable.

7 step audit model

What are our steps?

A 7-Step Audit Model was developed by Trioworld for companies interested in reducing their Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), but that above all do not want to see any trucks return with damaged products.

The benefit for you as customer is that we thoroughly analyse your process. We look for the most suitable stretch film for your load type. We ensure that your machines are optimally configured to create optimal coordination between your pallet wrapper and the stretch film, and to ensure pallet stability is actually achieved. This way we guarantee the lowest Total Cost of Ownership or perhaps even the highest Total Value of Ownership. By testing pallet stability in our test centre, your products can be transported safely.

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Our technical experts know everything there is to know about pallet stability, how to achieve it and how to measure it, so that your products can be transported safely. Our experts will analyse and optimise your process on the basis of our specially developed 7-Step Audit Model.

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