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Trioworld works with specially selected distribution partners. Through intensive cooperation, we jointly grow our business. Trioworld offers various forms of support to its partners. Think of training, joint marketing activities and supporting materials. Trioworld believes in close cooperation with its partners in order to achieve joint growth.

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Are you interested in becoming a trading partner of Trioworld?

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Grow together

Trioworld is a total supplier in the field of stretch film. We have the right type of stretch film for every pallet load. With more than 50 years of experience, we have a lot of knowledge on stretch film, wrapping machines, realizing pallet stabilization and challenges during transport. And we are happy to pass on this knowledge. That is what a partnership means to us. Working with Trioworld means for you, among other things:

  • Training and advice on the use of stretch film
  • Supporting materials
  • Joint marketing
  • Joint product introductions
  • Dedicated contact person

Growing together is our starting point, which is why we place great value on personal contact.


Would you like to know more about the Trioworld stretch film range?

Trioworld has a product range under the brand name Resinex, which has been especially developed for our distribution partners. This product range contains stretch films for both more general applications as well as special applications. This way we can offer the right solution for every type of pallet load and wrapping machine. The Resinex products are available in different sizes and with different stretch percentages. This enables you to help your customers in achieving optimum pallet stability for their specific application and wrapping machine.


General purpose stretch film

The general purpose stretch films can be used for a wide range of pallet loads. For example irregular loads, or loads that are wrapped by hand. in addition a top sheet is also available for protection against dirt and dust.


Stretch films for more complex loads

More complex loads demand different product solutions. The Resinex range contains several specialty stretch films for more complex loads. For instance loads that we exposed to UV light or stretch film approved for food contact.


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Would you like to know more about a possible partnership with Trioworld? Please contact me. Together we will look at the possibilities for cooperation.


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Raymond Eberson, Sales Manager