Trioworld – A new name for Europe’s leading player in sustainable polyethylene film solutions.

With last years merger of two of Europes major companies in the segment, Trioplast and AFP, the group is today launching a new name and strengthened commitment to lead the plastic film industry into circularity and sustainable packaging solutions. The 5.5 B SEK group is reorganizing into five divisions and has adopted a bold plan to increase the pace of innovation with focus in circularity in plastics.

– At Trioworld we are convinced that plastic can make the world safer and healthier, says group CEO Andreas Malmberg but we need to optimize the use of plastics and reduce the carbon footprint of our customers. The most important factor on this journey is the use of recycled plastics in our product portfolio. We are targeting a substantial increase in our use of recycled plastics, targeting a ratio of above 30% recycled plastics by 2025 and a long-term target of more than 50%.

Trioworld delivers high performance, polyethylene film products with technical and service support for a wide variety of packaging applications. The customer base is global but with a European focus and Trioworld goes to market via five divisions – Stretch Film, Industrial Film, Healthcare Film, Carrier Bags and Consumer Packaging. The production footprint is made up of ten factories, located in Sweden, Denmark, France and the Netherlands.

– We have the strength and expertise to make changes that future generations will benefit from and at the same time deliver better packaging solutions right now, says Andreas Malmberg. Some of the recent examples of circular leadership in the industry is a +50% post-consumer recycled, high performance stretch film for load stability applications, form fill seal (FFS) solutions based on recycled plastics, packaging film for tissue with high content of recycled plastics, suitable for high definition printing, as well as recycled PPE (personal protective equipment) solutions, developed during the pandemic. The Trioworld Group also has a number of non-fossil solutions such as the Katan-Ex biobased high performance stretch film.

– The people who work at Trioworld are the centerpiece of everything we do, and they are all committed to drive the change to circular products. We are the experts who understand what our customers need to be able to future proof their businesses, continues Andreas Malmberg. We call it re-thinking plastic. This is a new chapter for the Group and we welcome old and new customers and stakeholders to join us on the journey to circularity.


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About Trioworld

Trioworld was founded in 1965 and develops innovative and sustainable polyethylene film products. The company is one of the leading players in the segment with sales of SEK 5.5 billion and 1,200 employees. The Group’s head office is located in Smålandsstenar, Sweden with production in Sweden, Denmark, the Netherlands and France. The products are sold on the global market.