Why is pallet stability so important?

Unstable pallets can lead to dangerous situations in your warehouse or your customer's warehouse. Especially in high-rise warehouses, there are strict rules regarding the quality on which a pallet must be delivered. If the pallets are damaged during transport, it is possible that your goods will not be unloaded. The production process that is halted, products that need to be repackaged and a truck that needs to drive again not only cause annoyance, but also cause damage to your image.

Not to mention safety and health risks, both in the warehouse and on the road. A quarter of accidents involving a lorry are caused by shifting loads. This not only involves costs, but is also dangerous.

In addition, pallet stability leads to greater sustainability. An optimally wrapped pallet has the right amount of film. Not too much, because that can damage the load and the products, and not too little, because that can reduce the stability and cause the load to fall over.

Trioworld is the partner that helps to reduce these risks.