“With Trioworld, I know it’s always OK.”

One of Trioworld’s customers is Belgium-based H. Essers, a logistics services company with the appropriate slogan “It’s Transpossible”. “Our Marketing Department came up with that one”, Purchase Manager Christophe Custers smiles. “We’ve been using that slogan for about three years now. After all, people must be able to see – at a glance – that anything’s possible.”

One of the biggest players in Europe

H. Essers has 71 branches spread over 17 countries. The family business stores goods, transports them and manages the IT system that goes with it. “We’re one of the biggest players in Europe as regards transport and logistics,” Custers continues. “We have 1,320 lorries, 3,120 trailers, over a million square metres of warehouse space and we can connect our customers’ software systems to ours to ensure that everything runs smoothly.”
H. Essers specialises primarily in the transport and storage of pharmaceutical, chemical and high-value goods. Custers is happy to explain why they do business with Trioworld. “Transport and storage are the core aspects of our business, and, logically, the need for stable pallets follows from that”, he begins. “We send pallets all over the world, so for me, it’s absolutely essential to comply with both national and foreign regulations. It really is crucial to wrap the pallets properly.” The quality of his customer service is equally important. “That means properly wrapped pallets, wrapped with the right amount of film.”


Custers has been working for the Belgian company for eight years now and is responsible for all the operating expenses, which are mainly linked to warehousing. The company has been working with Trioworld since 2007; Trioworld is their main supplier of stretch film. “Trioworld was a part of the story before I joined the company, but we have benchmarked Trioworld in the meantime, of course.”
There are a number of aspects that must be considered when deciding on a supplier of stretch film: “I believe it’s very important to keep the links in the chain as brief as possible. Trioworld is both a manufacturer and a supplier, which makes them a very interesting party for me, because there’s no middleman. Moreover, it’s important to have a financially stable supplier so I can build a long-term relationship with them, one that offers a solid guarantee of quality and delivery. I also believe it’s important that a supplier keeps me up to date on any innovations on the market. Trioworld regularly contacts me with new ideas – I like that.”
Mind you, at H. Essers, they’re not ones to sit around either. “The transport industry is continually evolving. We try to follow the latest trends. For instance, at the moment, we’re trying to find out whether we can incorporate certain anti-slip mats into the floors of trailers, that’s quite an innovative move.”

26 degrees

They hold random checks at periodic intervals to guarantee safe transport. “The standard test is the 26° test, where we lift up the pallet on one side so that it’s at an angle of 26° from the floor. If the pallet has been wrapped properly, the load will remain stable on the pallet.”
When all is said and done, they choose Trioworld because they can get the film that’s the best value for money and has consistent quality. “You see, I can tell very quickly if the quality is poor: complaints come flooding in, both from our own staff and our end customers.”

Another relevant aspect is the support Trioworld offers. “What I like about Trioworld is that they run periodic checks on the wrapping machines. When they deliver a new machine, they always send someone to adjust the machines to make sure the pallets are optimally wrapped, which means I use as little film as possible and as a result, I don’t waste any film.” To H. Essers, it means saving money while Trioworld is pleased for sustainability reasons. “And another thing: they run several checks during a machine’s life.”

“As an Trioworld customer, I really appreciate the long-term association and the partnership that we’ve built from it. I can rely on the fact that the machines are always properly adjusted and that everything’s OK in all our warehouses.”