Customer Service

We are the link between Trioworld and our customers. We are responsible for the daily communication with our customers and aim to handle every question and order to the highest standard.

Within Customer Service, the tasks are divided over the Load Security Film group and the Food Packaging Film group. Our department consists of the Customer Service & Business Development Manager, the Customer Service Food Packaging Manager, Customer Service employees Load Security Film and Customer Service employees Food Packaging Film.

Core values of our department are:

  • Customer-oriented
  • Communication
  • Problem-solving thinking
  • Result-oriented

Marieke Wessels, Customer Service employee

Just in my portfolio, I am involved with big multinational end users on the one hand and resellers on the other. Both target groups involve quite different approaches. And that makes the work interesting and dynamic. The day never goes as planned. There are so many different, sometimes unexpected and hectic activities. For me, our customers’ wishes have top priority and I enjoy organising things for them.
Together with our colleagues from Food Packaging, we make a good, close-knit team.
We help each other and are happy to take on each other’s tasks, knowing that we all want a happy customer. Trioworld is a good employer who wants its employees to work safely and healthily. And one which enables them to take part in various projects or training. It is a good feeling to know you can develop here.