Quality & Compliance

Our department consists of two sub departments, the Technical Support and Compliance departments.

Technical Support is responsible for delivering technical support to the Production and Sales departments and acts as first line helpdesk for questions about products and applications. This is also where competitor samples are analysed, where we investigate and assess complaints and arrange the delivery of test rolls for existing products.

The Technical Support department consists of the Technical Support Team Leader, the quality controller and several quality specialists.

Compliance is responsible for monitoring and updating knowledge with respect to external developments concerning relevant regulations and legislation, norms, standards, industry agreements, customer requirements and internal requirements relating to product quality, Health and Safety, the environment, food safety, product legislation and its translation to the internal organisation.

The Compliance department consists of the Compliance Team Leader and several Compliance employees.

Both sub departments are headed by the Quality & Compliance Manager.

Core values of our departments are:

  • Accurate
  • Quality awareness
  • Overview
  • Team player