Our department is involved in bringing in new customers and maintaining good relationships with our current customers. Our sales employees also help optimally configure the pallet wrapping machines for the Trioworld films at our customers. The aim is to achieve the desired pallet stability using the minimum amount of film.

In our department, sales employees are responsible for customers for Load Security Film and for Food Packaging Film. Our department consists of a Load Security Film Sales Manager and a Consumer Packaging Film Sales Manager and the Account Managers.

Core values of our department are:

  • Customer-oriented
  • Making contacts
  • Problem solving
  • Quality-oriented

This means that I am often with the customer or prospect, analysing, supporting and helping them with their specific customer wishes.

I also work a lot with our customer service to ensure that we manage all our customers’ wishes in Trioworld well. The work is extremely varied because every customer or prospect has their own production process and therefore their own specific requirements. That makes my work challenging because there is no one-size-fits-all solution.

Trioworld is a great employer where you can develop your own skills and talents. I enjoy coming to work every day.