The Finance Department

As an internationally operating production company in the Trioworld Group, our work is extremely varied. The Finance department registers and checks all the data produced by the work in Trioworld. We then use this data to show what the past looks like and support other departments for the future and Trioworld in general.

Different administration departments collect, register and share the data.

These include the accounts payable and receivable department and production administration (for example cost-price calculations and reports of produced items). We draw up financial overviews for various departments and report and advise production, sales and executive boards. This also includes writing tenders for existing and new clients.

We also provide our stakeholders like the government, tax authorities, banks, insurance companies and accountants with the right information about Trioworld Apeldoorn B.V.

Five people work in our department, including a Business Controller and 3 Finance officers. The department is led by the CFO.

The core values of our team are:

  • Accurate
  • Analytical
  • Result-oriented
  • Cooperation

I have been Business Controller in the Finance department since early 2018. My job involves doing lots of different analyses. I also support the Sales Teams with sales reports, participation in various tenders, requesting margins and other sales-related questions like the Sales funnel. So, it is a varied job in which I can take a lot of personal initiative and contribute ideas. We have lots of colleagues who have worked for Trioworld for many years. Which means they have a great deal of experience in resolving problems. My team is rather like a well-oiled machine in which, as a relative newcomer, I have found my way. There is always plenty of work, new insights to create and with a market which requires hard work to get results.