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With over 1200 colleagues, Trioworld produces various types of stretch and packaging films. This way we provide for load security and food safety so that the products of our customers safely reach consumers. Furthermore, this way we add value to the packaging production and/or logistics processes of our customers. A good ambiance and mutual cooperation lead to success. At Trioworld employees have the possibility to develop their talents and continuously delivering innovative contributions. A positive atmosphere and open cooperation lead to succes. At Trioworld, employees get the space to develop their talents and continuously provide innovative contributions.

Working at Trioworld

Discover our product

High Performance Stretch Film (also known as Load Security Film or LSF) helps ensure that products can be transported safely. In addition, Trioworld produces Food Packaging Film (FPF); custom-made film for packaging various products, including food. We use an extrusion process to produce our films. In addition, they can be printed and laminated by our Printing & Finishing department. Our motivated employees are continuously working on new innovations to further optimise Trioworld’s solutions.

The culture at Trioworld

Trioworld values the contribution of every employee. Which is why we offer an open and dynamic company culture, interesting work and excellent personal development opportunities. Trioworld invests in talent and experience on an ongoing basis. Because that is the only way to continue to be successful in the future as well.

Naturally, our terms and conditions of employment are excellent and comprehensive. Customer-oriented and innovative thinking are key themes in our company. It is important that everyone embraces our culture and consistently applies our values. Our cultural values are what we stand for, what connects us and how we interact with each other.

Taking responsibility

‘We take our responsibility, do what we promise and focus on getting things done.’


‘We want to use our strong position as leader to make the world safer and healthier, by acting courageously and decisively.’


‘We stimulate the sustainable performance of our customers by working closely together with them. Our innovation is always customer driven.’

At Trioworld we work according to a so-called code of conduct. Read more about these principles of conduct here.

Trioworld invests in talent and experience

We have both feet firmly on the ground at Trioworld, but that does not make us any less proud of our successes. These successes are the result of our state-of-the-art technology and of course the positive commitment of our people! This is why Trioworld invests in talent and experience on an ongoing basis. This is the only way in which to continue to be successful in the future as well.

Trioworld provides room for personal development. This is why every employee is given a personal employability budget. Each year you can spend this budget on your personal employability. We like to challenge our people in this area. What do you need to continue to be employable in the future?

Looking for a new job?

Trioworld regularly is on the lookout for people with a natural bend for customer-oriented and innovative thinking. If you are that someone, we would like to sincerely invite you to apply for the following job opening(s).
If there currently is no fitting job opening, do not hesitate to introduce yourself through means of an unsolicited application.

Looking for an internship?

At Trioworld we like to see fresh knowledge and like to help you develop further. We therefore like to offer a workplace to interns and graduating students. If you are capable of making a difference as an intern and you are interested in acquiring relevant professional experience in a modern production environment or in related departments, complete the application form today.

Looking for a basic vocational programme (BBL) workplace?

As a recognised work placement company, we are regularly on the lookout for BBL interns. If you are interested in a career with Trioworld and if we are the appointed company to help you further along in your education, complete the application form today.

Unsolicited Application

If you are the specialist we are looking for, but we are not aware of this, do not hesitate to complete our application form today. Who knows, we could be meeting face-to-face in the near future.