Employees speak out

Curious about what it is like to work at AFP? AFP's employees like to share their experiences, and to speak about the company culture and their work environment.

My name is Annika Veenendaal and I have been working in the Technical Support department since 2012. As a Technical Support officer I have various tasks, such as preparing competition analyses and providing production support. In addition, I do retesting so that we can continually keep our technical data sheets up to date. There is an excellent working atmosphere in the Technical Support department. You are given a great of deal of responsibility and there are many opportunities for advancement. Aside from my work in the Technical Support department, I am also a member of the Works Council. That provides me with insight into and involvement with other aspects of the organisation, and is an instructive additional element for me. The work in the Technical Support department is varied and dynamic. We are involved with all departments. AFP offers its employees the opportunity to take further training and to develop themselves. In addition to my work, I recently started working on my master’s. AFP encourages this. AFP is progressive and innovative, with a view to the rapidly changing future.

My name is Veronika Nemcova; I have been building my career at AFP since 2013. In 2013, I joined AFP in the Printing & Finishing department. Here I worked in the Cutting-wrapping & Laminating department. In September 2016, I was given the opportunity of transferring to the Extrusion department. This was a good fit for the operator training programme I am enrolled in.
Currently I am Assistant Operator. My duties consist of operating and monitoring the machines. I intervene whenever the process goes off-track. I monitor the quality of the product and ensure that it meets the customer’s requirements. What appeals to me about the work in the Extrusion department is the manufacturing process. Working with my colleagues is enjoyable. I also enjoy working in shifts. AFP gives its employees the opportunity to show what they are capable of, but also listens to the employees’ desires concerning advancement within the organisation, horizontally, as well as vertically. Furthermore, it is most rewarding that I am given the opportunity to take all kinds of training and education courses. Working at AFP is simply most enjoyable!

Niels Tiggelovend, Food Packaging Film - Key Account Manager

My name is Niels Tiggelovend, 45 years, and Account Manager at AFP since 2007. My job at AFP is highly diverse. I work for the Customer Service department, as well as the Sales department, and I primarily work with a major customer in the bread packaging market.
I am responsible for coordinating the customer’s wishes and the production possibilities within AFP. In addition, I monitor the progress of all of the customer’s orders to ensure that they progress smoothly within AFP and that the products are delivered to the customer on schedule.
Furthermore, I prepare proposals and I regularly visit companies to meet with customers. The work is highly varied; each day is different. It is important to be able to respond ad hoc to customer queries and to initiate the process as quickly as possible. Working days at AFP are anything but dull – never a dull moment! I maintain contact with the customer, as well as the various departments within AFP. That makes my work highly varied. AFP is a very good and pleasant employer. That means there is little turnover. I enjoy going to work each day. AFP gives you the opportunity of developing yourself personally.