A 5 star supplier

Trioworld is the expert in load security

Our customer is a large brewery in the UK. They place high demand on their suppliers. Not just in the area of high quality products, but also in the area of technical support.

What is important to them:

  • Performance and high quality
  • Pallet stability
  • Corporate Social Responsibility

A lot of attention is paid to the carbon footprint of the organization. Trioworld support this both in the development of sustainable alternatives and also by looking at reducing the consumption of stretch film by choosing the right film for the specific load and optimizing the machine settings.

When it comes to supplier selection, they consider the following important:

  • Knowledge and expertise
  • Sustainability
  • Long-term partnerships

Why did they choose Trioworld?

  • Trioworld is the expert when it comes to load security
  • Trioworld is meeting our expectations
  • Trioworld is a 5 star supplier (e.g. quality & delivery)



We demand stable pallets

We want our products to arrive in the best condition at the retailer.


We expect expertise from our supplier

Trioworld not only has knowledge about stretch film, but about the whole process.


Our expectations are met

Our type of products has specific demand when it comes to stretch film and pallet stability.